House rules

Here are some rules that are observed during your stay. We welcome you as our guests to the Hubmann houses.
The houses are a place of rest, relaxation and contemplation in the Tyrolean mountains. This house rules does apply to the site, buildings and rooms of the family Hubmann.
The House rules have to be observed by all users of the houses. The hole site is privately owned. The house rule is intended to provide for the security and order. If you move into one of our houses, you recognize this house rules. The Hubmann houses are designed as accommodation for you and your family to have a nice stay.
We ask you to respect and follow these house rules. If there will be a damage because of not following these rules, we will provide you with the costs. For any damage we raise € 200, - a deposit on arrival. With impeccable delivery of the houses (including garden) on your departure you will receive the deposit back.

The most part oft he houses are built in wood. Therefore, we ask you to handle with extreme care in dealing with open fire. Open fires are prohibited! They are non-smoking houses!

We ask that you not enter the delicate wood floors with street shoes (or ski boots). Please use house slippers during your stay. We accept no liability for valuables.
For accidents is not responsible.

On departure day we ask you to vacate the house till 10 o´clock.
Arrival from 15 o´clock.

Pets allowed on request.

Please dry your equipment at the designated places (ski room, ski boot dryer)

The specified number of persons per house must not be overrun without the agreement of the of the renter. In case of agreement the price is subject.
Damage and contamination of the house and garden areas have to be desist. The tenant has to pay for the repair of damage or contamination.

Our guest agree to deal very well with the holiday homes including garden (furniture). The tenant must notify defects in the houses and furnishings / objects immediately to the renter. The tenant is liable for all damage and impairment of the rental spaces and objects, as far as this goes beyond the wear and tear resulting from proper use. This also applies to damages caused by third persons who reside with the consent of the tenant in the rented rooms.

The refrigerator must be emptied when you leave. The dishes must be washed (or dishwasher will be removed). Otherwise, we would like to retain a part of the deposit. Waste should not be thrown in toilets or other drains. They shall be placed in the designated trash receptacles. The collection is to be considered in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, the storage of highly flammable or hazardous materials such as propellants or explosives, etc., within and outside of the leased premises is not allowed. We wish you a pleasant stay in our houses and in Tyrol.

Yours family Hubmann